“Berlin-based sound designer David Kamp has worked for all the best animators around.
You name them, he's collaborated with them, from cult directors like David OReilly and Johnny Kelly, experimental studios like Field, Quayola and Sagmeister & Walsh to MTV and Google.
Why do they all go to him for music and sound effects? Because he’s really, really good at making sensational sounds that add depth and emotion to already beautiful moving image pieces.”
J. Cartwright - It's Nice That


I'm David Kamp, founder of Studiokamp, a Berlin based studio specializing in sound design, foley recording, music production and composition for animation.

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I work with independent directors, big and small production companies, design studios, agencies, direct clients and visual artists.


15 years of freelance work and a degree in music composition from ICEM have shaped my creative style and the way I approach sound. I choose projects that let me try new things and personally take care of each project from start to finish.